Beach trips = n-1

…where n equals the number of days since July 19. There was one day last week that we had a thunderstorm, so we stayed home. Mostly, we’ve been making the thirty-five minute drive up to Bayview beach because the water is so much more refreshing, there are fewer people, and the drive time is a chance for The Wife and I to catch up after our busy days and for her to gain more ammunition for her theory that hams pretty much incessantly talk about their rigs. I’d say it’s only about 97 percent of the time.

I think the string is about to be broken unless some miracle happens tonight and I can get out of ben tomorrow without wincing, grimacing, and sucking in a great lungful of air to combat the pain in my lower back. I think I tweaked something at the beach yesterday, and going back today didn’t really help. In fact, it’s pretty painful to do anything but lie down right now. Grrrr.

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