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Takin’ it easy

I ran 3 min, walked 1 for 10 reps this morning after having a great taijutsu workout last night. My biggest challenge this morning was taking things slowly. I tried to go just faster than a shuffle down the road, but found it hard to stay slow. The beautiful morning, early sun burning mist off hayfields, made it easier by keeping my mind engaged with something other than my stride rate.

Fire, lit

As I’ve been pounding down the road, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about where I want my exercising to take me. Funnily enough, it seems that more than a few roads lead to Kona.

I’m sure there are tougher rows to hoe, but that seems like a pretty good one. Right now, I’m thinking in terms of a decade of prep (and waiting for a different age group, maybe). I really like running, and I really like biking. I think I really like swimming, too, but I haven’t sone any serious swimming, ever , really, so I don’t know for sure.

At the very least, thinking about Kona is like drooling over a really big, tasty carrot. And it gets my lazy butt out of bed to go play early in the morning, too, so it’s not all bad.

Run report

I ran 2, walked 1 minute x12 reps this morning as a frontg was coming in. We had a little rain last night so the road was a curious mix of hard (where the water washed loose gravel from the established tracks) and soft (along side the road in the mud and loose gravel). These shorter reps always get me in a little bit of trouble since I think tomyself, “Hey, I only have to run for two minutes; I can hit it!” I played with hitting it and backing off, kind of in the spirit of Fartlek and had a pretty good time.

My knees feel it some when I run, but not enough to stop. My shins also get a little sore, but it’s not always the same one. Today it’s the left shin… The wierdest thing to happen since I’ve started running six-and-a-half weeks ago is that I’ve gained about seven pounds. I think maybe it’s because since I’m running regularly, I haven’t been paying attention to what I eat, thinking that I get a bunch of free calories every other day. That’s one of the things I need to be more mindful about (see post below).

Friday’s run

I ran 5 min, walked 1 min, x8 reps. It felt like my first “real” run in terms of distance and effort. Each rep was a little over half-a-mile long and pretty much took it out of me by it’s end. The run felt really good over all. I almost made it to the half-way point of going around the block. Emphasis on *almost*. I needed to run for another couple minutes to make it around, so I turned back instead. I ran without a shirt and got some good pit chaffing going on, too.

Destroyer of toes

Apparently, I had an exceptionally good strike on Pete’s foot this past Monday. Or maybe it was lucky, though I doubt Pete will agree.

Anywho, we were working on a little free-form project and he was doing a lot of standing on my foot. Well, I couldn’t have that, so I decided to go for his foot. That was a great idea. Except that he was going for my foot at the same time.

You see where this is headed, right?

Yeah, so he was faster, but I was higher, and we were both going pretty hard. I managed to bend his toes pretty much backward over the top of his feet. After picking himself up and hobling to the bathroom for some water and a little swearing (I’m reasonably certain), he headed home to do some icing.

I just talked to him at luch time today and he’s going for a doctor’s visit tomorrow because he thinks there’s a good chance he broke a couple toes.

So I feel like a toe-breaking schmuck. *Sigh* Maybe I won’t pound him quite as hard tonight…

One foot

Ran this morning, even though I really didn’t feel like it. Was tired from class last night, and sore, too. But I went. Ran 3 min., walked 1 x9 reps. I’m in week 5 of the program and feel like I’m starting to develop a habit, but that I need to keep going to really cement it into my life.

On the other hand, I also feel like I’m really pushing parts of my body, especially my knees. I wonder if I need to back off some and do something a little less impactful. But I like running. I don’t know…