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Last night, we had a series of thunderstorms roll through northern Wisconsin uprooting trees, smashing buildings and tipping barns. The wind actually started to roar around our house for about fifteen seconds or so while Meg and I sat in bed, trying to decided whether to go downstairs or not. The deciding factor was when rain coming through the window started to hit the far wall.

We went downstairs and watched the storm for about fifteen minutes with Meg’s folks, who are out from Syracuse and wondering if the sun ever actually shines around here. I told them, “Well, sure it does. In fact, we had a drought this summer, if you don’t count all the flooding.”

Some friends of some friends probablyhad the worst luck of all: Late last winter they had a house fire and lost everything. Their house burned to the ground. They’ve been rebuilding all summer, but it’s been going slowly. The frame they had errected and were about ready to sheath collapsed last night and is now a giant pile of sticks.

We had other friends living in a platform tent for the summer while remodeling their house. They made a mad dash for shelter while their tent (and all the stuff they had in it from a summer of living was strewn across their property.

Yeah, so hurricane relief is a good idea, but so is Wistucky “Got our asses kicked by some damn windy shit” relief. Send beer, hammers, and preground coffee, the last for Dangerous Dan, who in a fit of desperation in his electricity-less house this morning, made coffee in a percolater with grounds from beans he shredded one by one on a cheese grater.

Head pulled from ass

Yeah, so when I was cruzing through my blogroll this morning, looking for what’s new, I noticed some banners over at The Slacker Manager for hurricane relief. I smacked myself upside the head, and wondered why I haven’t done anything like that yet.

So now it’s done. I figure most of you who read this blog either don’t feel like you have enough money to spare a little for folks down on the Gulf Coast, or have already given. But you know what? Our government has dropped the ball again. Even though we’ve all paid our taxes to support government services (and to pay for W to go on vacation and ignore the crises he’s created, as well as the ones he didn’t), it’s up to us to help our neighbors. So click on the pretty banner and give a dollar. Or five. Or whatever you woulda spent on soda or crack today anyway.

Or, if you’re pissed at the Red Cross, too, which some of you are, take a look at the American Friends Service Committee. Normally, religion and I are like carrots and red-wine-basted chocolate anchovies, but the Quakers have never waged war on anyone and don’t prostletyze. Plus, they’re willing to help fellow humans in need, which is more than I can say for the Christian Right.