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Just updated WordPress

I just made the leap into (semi) uncharted waters with a development version of WordPress. When I saw that the cool cats @ HappyCog did a reimagineering of the WP admin interface, naturally, I had to see what kind of candy was in the bag. There are some really nice bits and bobs: admin navigation, tool-tips, and some little ajaxy-features really make everything feel new again. I’d say “spring fresh,” but up here, spring means that when you slip on the ice, you fall in the mud. Fucking spring. :-/

My only real complaint is that the happycoggers picked an obnoxious color of light blue for the main boxes and bars. As far as complaints go, that’s not so bad. And besides, that’ll just give me a chance to dig into a little cog code to change things. And see how they did what they did. And learn something. So maybe I oughtta even be saying “thanks” for the blue.

On the Road in Chicago

The Wife, The Boy and I went down into Confederate territory yesterday; all the way to Michigan Ave. in Chi-Town. I’m down here for a conference on designing web sites; gonna hear some of my heroes in the field tell me the way it is. The Wife and The Boy are headed for Millennium Park today to go get in some dancing and running around. Later, there’s a pool and hopefully some better sleep on the agenda.

Last night, after we got settled into the *tiny* hotel room on the 11th floor of the Marriott, The Boy was all “Go home now?” I was all like “I hear, you kiddo, but Daddy’s a masochist, so go to sleep, now.”

Here’s what I need to learn

Computer pro: The basics

I figure this is a pretty decent list to give me a solid foundation. I still am having a hard time deciding between webmastering and computer security as career paths; fortunately I don’t have to decide today since the basics are important no matter which way I ultimately go.

I’d sure be interested in hearing from other folks who have already gone down this path…

OK, so re-reading this post, it seems very incomplete. Probably something to do with coming down from my four-dew-plus-coffee morning.

At any rate, right now, I’m leaning toward getting my web-designing butt in gear. It seems like I have a lot of the foundational skills (writing, photography, a little bit of design sense) to make that happen. I also like enough of the technical bits and bobs to earn and maintain a strong base on the technical side of the web.

I think that computer security (call it “information assurance” if you like) is a pretty sexy and alluring field, but when I start looking at it closely, a couple things happen: I get overwhelmed and a little scared off. I mean, really, there’s *so* much to learn and so many people who are *way* smarter than me doing this stuff for way more hours of the day.

Isn’t this what they call a “realistic assessment?” And anyway, being a webmaster is still sexy and appealing; just without that extra James Bond flair.