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Superior Sunrise #18

My commute to work takes me around the shore of Chequamegon Bay on Lake Superior. Every morning for half the year, I get to see the sun rising across the water or ice.

There’s a little turn-off about three-quarters of the way to work where I can jump out of the car, walk to the edge of a short clay cliff, and bask in the sunrise.

This is what it looked like this morning.



Bucket-list Race – Arrowhead 135

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the long trail. And in the last couple years, I’ve started to get into long races on some of those trails.

One of the Big Boys of those races is happening right now: the Arrowhead 135.

In fact, some of the racers (the fastest bikers) have already finished it in just 15 hours this year.

But the people I’m really rooting for are still out on the trail with miles to go before they’re done.

I know all you racers are hot, wet, tired, sore, maybe bored… Keep on keeping on!


First Sunrise of Fall, 2014

Sometimes, you just have to stand in the middle of your driveway, in your underwear, and take cell-cam pics of the sunrise.

You can see the full versions of these photos (and a few more) at my Flickr account.


It was just a tiny moment out of time; an instant, really. But for that instant, I was convinced I was in real trouble. That probably explains why the people at the top of Mount Telemark  heard me screaming “DON’T DIE! DON’T DIE!” as I sped down the hill in front of them.

I was three hours into my fourth off-road ride *ever* and things were pretty good. In fact, the only problem I was having was my left hand cramping from pulling the front brake lever so much.  There’s a simple solution to that, though: Don’t use the front brake.

I was letting the bike roll down the top of Mt. Telemark at a pretty good clip when I swept around a curve in the trail and saw my doom: the trail was washed out in three spots in close succession like “whoops” on a motorcross course. I hit the first pothole, bounced into the air, and started to contemplate my rapidly changing place in the universe.

By which I mean to say I screamed. And not a manly scream of macho excitement, either. This was a high-pitched, balls-in-my-throat, how-am-I-going-to-afford-these-medical-bills kind of scream.

And then God, or Dog, or physics or karma or whom/whatever finished laughing at me and nudged me to the side of the trail just far enough that I didn’t, in fact, die.

So that’s good.

Sunset Schooner Cruise

Sometimes, things come together in just the right way: A new friend here, an offer of help there, a little bit of wind, a sweet spot in the orbital pattern.

Then, poof! A little pocket of the universe opens and magic comes pouring out.

Like last night, when my family and I were invited to go for a sunset cruise on the Abbey Road, a 52′ fiberglass schooner.

What a beautiful boat, and what a fun crew!

Yup, I’m still blissing. 🙂