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Open Letter to MediaTemple


I understand the need to remove this attacker from your system; I really do. Unfortunately, this wholesale burning down of any semi-complex web app is unacceptable and has caused downtime for my clients and a significantly increased workload for me. Seriously: You couldn’t even be bothered to tell me what my new password was; I had to figure that out on my own. And now, you’re going to change all my other DB user passwords? I call bullshit. I need to hear from a (mt) account rep re: how you’re planning on making this right with me. Sooner is probably better for you, since between now and then all I have is free time to squawk on Twitter/FB/my blog/etc. about how much this sucks and is hurting my business.

Sincerely pissed off,


A.J. Van Beest
Owner, Beest Built Websites, LLC
soon-to-be-ex-media-temple evangelist

…Just asleep at the wheel

I’ve (sorta) been in social media land lately (call it about the last year, give or take), and mostly I like it. I do have a problem, though – and this shouldn’t really surprise any of you who know me at all: 140 characters isn’t always enough space.

Of course (and also not surprisingly), it took me a while to realize that, and even a little longer to slap myself on the forehead and say, “Duh, I have a blog.” After doing some updating and spam removal, I now even have a functional blog. The real question is, as always, do I have a regularly updated blog? Time will tell.

Hello, logic?

I just called one of my credit card companies to check on some account discrepensies (all is fine, thank goodness!) and asked about lowering my payment plan and APR. After taking my information, the (very pleasant) woman on the other end of the phone exclaimed, “Your monthly income is negative!”

I said, “Tell me about it; why do you suppose I’m asking to reduce my payments and APR?”

Long story short, because my monthly income is negative, I don’t qualify to have my payments and rates reduced because “I can’t afford it.” Say what?

Mafia Wars Hint: Beating Boosts

Zynga has made some changes to Mafia Wars in the last couple days, including “boosts” for characters. One of these boosts, “Mutts” has made robbing other players much more difficult.

But what happens if it’s not about making money, but causing damage? What if all you really need to do is retaliate against someone for infringing on your empire? Then by all means, rob ’em. You’ll almost certainly fail, and your health will go down, but each attempt uses one of their boosts. At $2 million a crack, you can spend a lot of someone else’s hard-earned cash in a hurry. And at some point, they’ll be out of boosts, you’ll be inside their organization, then you can start with the body punches: putting their properties out of business.

I mean, if you wanted to be a jerk.

FaceBook App Spam

I’ve fallen to the dark side: I’ve started playing Mafia Wars on FaceBook (friend me on FB to join my mob). It’s fun, it’s addictive, and the game engine is designed to send lots and lots of updates to your FB posse. It’s that second part that kind of sucks.

I’m all for people posting news on FB. I love hearing about triumphs, disasters, and stuff in between. I’m especially a fan if folks use some flavor of an “F” webalism (web-based initialism):STFU, RTFM, LMFAO, and good ol’ WTF are among my favorites. And even in game, I’m all for hearing about how you just used an armored truck full of C4 to bitch-slap that jerk who’s been putting you on the hit list every hour on the hour. What I’m not down with is game comments that overflow into the regular (read: mundane) FB world.

This is where I take a time out to apologize for my contributions to this river of spam. Yeah, so, uh, sorry.

For those of you looking for ways to control what your FB account posts from Mafia Wars and other Zynga games, check out this FB note by John Cole. Onward.

Dear Maureen, Is it just me, or are you an idiot?

Wow – That was… something. Normally, I’m a pretty big fan of the Times, but your op-ed on Twitter was just dreck. Could you have been any more biased and less clued in?

I mean, you must have done something right at some point, what with your Pulitzer and all, but that piece was worthy of the hacks at Fox. Except that they get Twitter.

It’s OK, though. In a couple of years, when the Times goes paperless, you’ll have your chance to be a Twitter ghost writer. Most likely, there’ll be something else new and interesting that you don’t understand and find intimidating, but since you’ll be using the venerable Twitter to broadcast your uninformed opinion, we’ll only have to wade through 140 characters of your “writing.”

Oh, hey Maureen, the phone is for you; it’s 1926 calling – they want their yellow journalism back.