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The Weekly Races

It’s time to line up –
like Matchbox cars on a bright orange track –
for this week’s races:
“Professional obligation” has the pole this morning,
followed closely by “boredom.”
Next, it’s “family,” then “illness,”
then “new ideas” alongside “shiny things.”
“House maintenance” has the inside of the back row,
and finally, there’s… oh, there he is;
Just rolling out of pit road, it’s “over-booked.”
Gentlemen, start your engines;
This is going to be a hell of a ride.


I was in a different world
just five minutes ago:
asleep, a-slumber, a slipping away
to the very edges of my brain.
Now, all yawning-mouthed and bleary-eyed,
I’m home in My Spot,
in the campfire ring of my soul,
trying to get this page to ignite.

Gettin’ on the culture train

In my web travels yesterday, I came across the Library of Congress website and noticed their “Lifelong Literacy” project. Of course I didn’t follow the link. But I did start thinking about what and how and when I read to The Boy and to myself. I decided that I need to start a deliberate campaign of introducing new reading material several times a week to both The Boy and the me.

Here’s my plan: Every couple of days, I’m gonna swing by one of the local public libraries and raid the children’s section and take a few new books home. I’m also going to (re)start reading fiction and poetry, and maybe even essays along with all the technical mumbo-jumbo I already have on my bookshelf. In addition, I’m going to order a few magazines for The Boy and for me, so there’s another source of fresh information and ideas coming into the house. I’m also going to try to print a poem a day to read to The Boy and The Wife. I’ll start with Billy Collins’s Poetry 180 website.

All this thinking about reading naturally led to me thinking about music, visual art, and performing art, too. Basically, it all comes down to wanting more contact with art in my life, and in The Boy’s life. I’m pretty sure The Wife won’t object either. I want to expose The Boy to at least one new song a day, as well as listening to favorites, and it’d be great if I can figure out a hi-fi way to get visual and performing arts a part of our daily diet, too.

Of course, all the tech stuff and other bits and bobs needs to stay in our lives, too, along with a healthy dose of running around, screaming like banshees, brandishing trains.


I say “up”
and you say _____.
I say “hot”
and you say _____.
I say “love”
and you say _____.
I say “a child’s soft touch”
and you say _____.
I say “god is what we do”
and you say _____.
I say “without malice”
and you say _____.
I say “beauty”
and you say _____.
I say “truth”
and you say _____.
I say “you”
and you say _____.

Slowly, slowly

One of my other web projects,, is slowly coming together. I’ve wireframed parts of it. I’ve posted a tiny bit of content there. And now, I’ve posted all the poetry that I had up at my old blog. Boo-yah!

*Note: There’s no new writing up there, yet. That’ll be on its way next. But the old stuff is nice, too. Especially if you haven’t seen it yet/in a while.

The Daily Dose – 11/28/06


Dog forges into the night
and prances back with incendiary stink,
slips into the house,
hey, look what I found!
Later, there’ll be a bath,
much scrubbing and whimpering and shaking,
but for now, the house can
prowl through darkened frosty fields
confident its prey will be confused
by the scent of a two-story skunk.