Considering a chiropractor

Yeah, so my back is bothering me. And Hitler went to Poland for tea.

I can barely get up from the couch when I’m sitting down. And once I’m up, getting back down is a collapse into agony. This seems to happen to me about twice a year. And now, after three or four years of it, I’m getting good and fed up. I want to be able to go play hard with The Boy. I want to worry about important things, like just exactly how high a slow-fast-jump-sky-daddy must be to qualify as a bona fide record.

I don’t really want to go to the doc for this because I already have his most important advice: loose some weight. Everything after that is just x-rays (which I don’t need, seeing as how there’s been no trauma to my skeleton) and anti-inflammatories,which I’m already taking. My doc is a good doc. He listens, he does his doc thing, and I’m happy with him.

Sometimes, though, it’s good to get a couple folks with similar but different backgrounds working on the same problem, you know? Like getting a hardware guy and a software guy together to get your serving really popping off. Or a designer and a developer to make your web project sing. I think maybe it’s time for me to take a look at chiropractic.

I’ve always been a little leery of the whole idea. I mean, I know these folks go through their own version of medical school, and really know the physical body inside and out and are just the cat’s pajamas according to a lot of the people I’ve talked to, but there are also rumors of having to keep going to a chiropractor once you start, and of people getting more hurt from overly-enthusiastic bone cracking.

Any of you have any thoughts or advice? And yes, Pete, I know that you’d be happy to crack my back for me. Over and over. Thanks for the thought, man.

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