Dear Maureen, Is it just me, or are you an idiot?

Wow – That was… something. Normally, I’m a pretty big fan of the Times, but your op-ed on Twitter was just dreck. Could you have been any more biased and less clued in?

I mean, you must have done something right at some point, what with your Pulitzer and all, but that piece was worthy of the hacks at Fox. Except that they get Twitter.

It’s OK, though. In a couple of years, when the Times goes paperless, you’ll have your chance to be a Twitter ghost writer. Most likely, there’ll be something else new and interesting that you don’t understand and find intimidating, but since you’ll be using the venerable Twitter to broadcast your uninformed opinion, we’ll only have to wade through 140 characters of your “writing.”

Oh, hey Maureen, the phone is for you; it’s 1926 calling – they want their yellow journalism back.

2 thoughts on “Dear Maureen, Is it just me, or are you an idiot?”

  1. “Was there anything in your childhood that led you to want to destroy civilization as we know it?” Wow, WTF? Indifference I could understand, but hostility? As if half the garbage published by celebrity-happy papers these days is any more worth reading than most of what’s on Twitter!

  2. Wow, I just read through this article and all I can say is “wow”. “I’d rather be tied to stakes in the Kalahari Desert with honey poured over me and red ants eating out my eyes than open a Twitter account…” That’s kind of harsh. I don’t care for Twitter much but I don’t feel that strongly about it. Do you think that level of resolve would stand up if she were actually in that situation?


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