Dissapointment Brown

I’ve got a keg full of brown ale. And it’s ok. But not great. I had high-ish hopes for this batch, but honestly, it tastes a whole lot like the red ale I made before. Heck, for that matter, it looks pretty similar, too. It’s got the same thin mouth feel, and occasionally, I get a whiff of wort (mostly the wet barley part) from my glass.

Of course, I did learn a little somethin’ somethin’ from this batch: The Brewer’s Best kits are pretty much crap. I mean, I kind of suspected, but this is just icing on the cake. And now I’ve got a keg full of the stuff, that I’m gonna have to suck down. *sigh* The things I do for my beer…

Of course, it’s not all bad new on the brew front: I also have a carboy of IPA made from a Northern Brewer kit that I’m really looking forward to. It’s sitting in the basement at about 55 degrees, (hopefully) clarifying and gaining a little character for the glass.

I’m thinking, though, that it’s time to move away from kits on to partial — or even full! — mash brews that I can control completely. Look out beerville; here I come!

One thought on “Dissapointment Brown”

  1. I’ve never done brewer’s best kits, but have always had good luck with the NB kits.

    You can do a lot of customization with just steeping specialty grains, and get good beer as long as you have good, fresh extract (which NB was pretty good at keeping around). Mashing gets you a few more options still; what got me into that was oatmeal stout |||P

    I highly recommend the book “Designing Great Beers” for rolling your own recipes.

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