Guys’ weekend @ home

The Boy and I are hanging out in our underwear today. At least, we are when we’re not outside in knee-deep (or waist-deep, depending on how you do the math, and which drift you step in) snow. The Wife and Number Two are in the Greater Chicagoland Metropolitan Area with a friend going to a quilt show (or maybe going to *the* quilt show, YMMV), so The Boy and I are on our own.

Of course, The Wife and Co. had to push their departure ahead by a day to beat The Great and Almighty Spring “I’m Gonna Snow Like Frickin’ Hell” Storm of Ought-Eight. So they left yesterday at one. By six, I could barely see across the road.

I knew the storm was coming, so I rented a movie (“I Am Legend”), a Wii, and a couple games. We’ve got food (but are running perilously low on beer!) and entertainment, but I’m really hoping we’ll be able to make it out of the driveway tomorrow. If not, you may be hearing from me quite a bit here. I think both of us could use a good session at The Chocolate Shake House.

3 thoughts on “Guys’ weekend @ home”

  1. Uh, is Number Two a name you really want to go with? 😉

    Also, I am STILL waiting for I am Legend, according to Netflix the wait is now a “short one” which is much better than a “Very Long Wait.” Right now we have Beowulf, an episode of Carnival and Blue Harvest (the Family Guy star wars spoof). But really I am looking forward to I am Legend. I like Will Smith and love apocalypse movies. Have you read World War Z?

  2. re: Number Two’s name: You’ve got a point, but I *really* didn’t like any of: “The Other Boy”, “The Next One”, “Spawn Jr.”, or “Sue.” I’m certainly open to suggestions, though. Lemme know your top three, OK?

    re: “I am Legend:” That was a pretty interesting movie. Turns out, it’s not really about zombies, viruses and cures, or Will Smith. Don’t worry, I’m not going to post any spoilers. Yet. Also, there were parts of it that kinda scared the crap out of me; pretty cool! I’ll post more thoughts about it later today, probably during nap time, FWIW.

    re: World War Z: Nope; who’s the author? I’ll check it out. I had a pretty interesting idea for a longish story and/or series last night. It’s kind of semi-apocalyptic, so who knows *ndash; it might work out. 🙂

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