Hello, logic?

I just called one of my credit card companies to check on some account discrepensies (all is fine, thank goodness!) and asked about lowering my payment plan and APR. After taking my information, the (very pleasant) woman on the other end of the phone exclaimed, “Your monthly income is negative!”

I said, “Tell me about it; why do you suppose I’m asking to reduce my payments and APR?”

Long story short, because my monthly income is negative, I don’t qualify to have my payments and rates reduced because “I can’t afford it.” Say what?

2 thoughts on “Hello, logic?”

  1. I’d reply with the whole “you guys just got a shit-ton of money from the taxpayers, one of which is me. Since I’ve already been pretty generous to you it’s only fair for you to reduce my rates.”

  2. Did you get your notice saying they plan to raise your rates yet? Now that you’ve alerted them to the fact that you can’t pay. I got one this summer and called in immediately. They doubled my interest rate because unfortunately (for them, I guess) I was paying down my balance too quickly. They recommended I put $100 on my card every month to see if I qualified for a better rate. Uhhhhhh……..

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