Let the workout begin

Each year, usually in the fall, I do a workout. There are only eight reps, but the first seven are somewhere in the neighborhood of 140,000 pounds. Yesterday, when it was 92 and humid, I got serious about rep one. Ugh.

So yeah, this year’s firewood arrived: fifteen cords of nice, fresh-cut red oak. Every year, I get a little better at managing this influx of wood, which is good, seeing as how it’s our only heat. This year, my plan is to try to cut a saw-tank’s worth of gas each evening after work. If I can do that, the pile really only oughtta take a couple weeks to get cut to length.

Then, the sooner the better, I’ll get a bunch of friends over and rent a hydraulic woodsplitter or two and we’ll go nuts for the weekend. Hopefully by mid-September, all my wood will be cut and split and partially stacked. And then I’ll relax in my chair and sip mai-tais while nubile slave girls fan me with palm fronds. Man, do I love this time of year!

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