Mafia Wars Hint: Beating Boosts

Zynga has made some changes to Mafia Wars in the last couple days, including “boosts” for characters. One of these boosts, “Mutts” has made robbing other players much more difficult.

But what happens if it’s not about making money, but causing damage? What if all you really need to do is retaliate against someone for infringing on your empire? Then by all means, rob ’em. You’ll almost certainly fail, and your health will go down, but each attempt uses one of their boosts. At $2 million a crack, you can spend a lot of someone else’s hard-earned cash in a hurry. And at some point, they’ll be out of boosts, you’ll be inside their organization, then you can start with the body punches: putting their properties out of business.

I mean, if you wanted to be a jerk.

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