Maybe I don’t suck *quite* as much as I thought

The second half of last night’s gig went way better than the first half, thank god.

We didn’t have any major train wrecks, managed to end everything pretty much together, and I even had a few decent solos. Hell, we even had a few couples on the dance floor.

But what it comes down to is the same thing: If I’m gonna keep performing (which no matter how I bitch, whine, and complain going into the gig, I really enjoy), then I need to get serious about practicing and building both my technical skills and repertoire.

As a bonus, I’m sort of thinking that if The Boy sees and hears me practicing on a regular basis, maybe it’ll seem like one of those things everyone just does, and he’ll practice diligently (more or less) right from the get-go, instead of getting serious 20-something years into it.

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