Mixed news on the Taijutsu front

We (all six of us) went for a walk down the road this morning. Bub had a nice sled ride, the dogs got to see something that isn’t the yard, and we generally had a good time.

‘Bout half a mile down the road, at the neighbors’ driveway, I slipped on some glare ice and went down just like that. *Whump!*

However, in the space of “Whump!,” things slowed down a little and I managed to do a two-sided break-fall! I’m totally stoked about it because it means my training and practice is starting to become internalized and automatic.

Unfortunately, it was a two-sided break fall because as I was falling on my left side, there was some of me under me, which rolled me over to the right, but not soon enough. Most of my left leg got twisted up beneath me, hurting my ankle and knee on that side. I gimped the half-mile home OK, but as I sit, things get a little tighter.

Proving the old “go out the back door” saw [ask Pete, if you don’t know it], I bought a big container of Aleve last night. 😉

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