More friends (re)connecting

We (the collective, royal, carfull-of-we) went to breakfast at the Cat on Saturday, mostly because there wasn’t much non-eggy breakfast goodness in the house, and a little because I didn’t feel like washing stuff to cook. Oh, and also because they have some of the best (and not just ’cause it’s the only, either ;-)) vegetarian biscuits and gravy around. And who should I see, almost immediately on walking through the front door, but Chris. Cool!

We hung out for breakfast, and he unselfishly allowed The Boy to push his son’s buttons via the “Robot Sound” ™; Thanks, Chris, and sorry. We owe you one.

Then just yesterday, I got an e-mail out of the blue (OK, it was from Facebook) from the sister of my best friend from high school. That was cool, but even cooler, it led to me getting off my ass and writing said friend. And she even wrote back! W00t! Maybe Facebook isn’t the Devil’s own stationary, after all…

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  1. I do, but was in Ashland for the weekend. I married an Ashlander (or would that be “Docker”? Even with the dock gone/going?), and we get back there occasionally.

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