How to write

Going through some older files and found this advice I wrote for someone (me?):

Here’s my advice about writing, distilled just for you from my degree, from my published and unpublished works, and from conversations with other writers about their processes:

1. It’s all about planting your butt in your chair. You show up every fraking day. You write every fraking day. You gladly grab onto the shirtails of your muse when it decides to show up, but you’re at your desk regardless. You turn off your internal editor and spew thousands of words of drek. You stash the drek in a drawer. You come back to it in six months, and sift it, looking for the few nuggets that are sure to be there. Assemble the nuggets. Smelt them. Forge them. Polish them. Sell them. And then do it again.

2. There is no writer’s block. There is only “not writing.” There are plenty of excuses for not writing. There are even good reasons to be not writing (like making dinner for family!). If you find yourself staring at a blank page, simply begin writing. Here’s your first paragraph: “I don’t know what the fuck to write. I’d rather be anywhere else, doing anything else. This sucks. This writing sucks. This story sucks, too. But here we go anyway.” If after writing that first paragraph, you find yourself still not writing, go back and write it again. Do it as many times as it takes for your brain to get bored of it and start writing something else. My personal record is three-and-a-half pages of that garbage. But fuck it; paper’s cheap.

3. If you’re still reading this, you’re not writing. See number two, above

Security Alert – iThemes account breach

TLDR: If you have an iThemes account (for “Backup Buddy,” “SecurityPro,” or their other plugins or themes), change your password¬†now. If you use those same credentials at other sites, change those passwords now as well.

iThemes, a WordPress theme and plugin development company,  announced a security breach on Tuesday, and followed up with more details about that breach yesterday.

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It’s in these early, dark hours
when the house is still gently snoring –
prowling cat confused by my footsteps;
stars in full, cold fire overhead –
that I can drop a small stone
into a slick, glimmerless pool
and slowly follow the ripples
to the heart of the matter.


First Sunrise of Fall, 2014

Sometimes, you just have to stand in the middle of your driveway, in your underwear, and take cell-cam pics of the sunrise.

You can see the full versions of these photos (and a few more) at my Flickr account.

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