Rain, rain, go away

…or maybe not. I mean, we need you here, but you make things sooo muddy.

Hey, I have an idea: Why don’t you come do your thing at night, then
let your ol’ cuz Sol come out to play during the day? Kind of a time
share thing? Or maybe you could visit folks in the Southeast. I hear
they’d be mighty happy to see you for a week or two at a pop. Heck,
you might not even be able to wear out your welcome there, at least
for a while.

Just thinkin’ out loud, ya know?

3 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away”

  1. It was supposed to rain today too – but so far it only happened last night. That said we were treated to an overtired baby that I am happy to report finally went to bed.

    Anyway, I know how you feel, except I usually get that feeling in February. The best solution for me is to approach it with “Would I want to hang out with me? Do I think I am cool?” And if the answer is “no” then I got some work to do. It usually is by the way, so I think about what I admire in my cool friends or why I am attracted to someone who is awesome and figure out how I can be too. Usually the answer is to renew a hobby or pursue a new one, or be more community minded or do some kind of fitness thing…etc.

    Good luck!

  2. How’s about some snow since you’re tired of rain? Saw that Duluth has a Winter Storm Watch for 6+ inches up in Koochiching, St. Louis, Itasca, and Cass counties. Could even see some flakes in the Ashland area!

  3. Yeah, so far we survived up here. It snowed all day yesterday, sometimes sideways, but hardly any of it stuck, and today we touched 50 again. Of course, we still have a fire in the stove headed into May. Then again, apparently August is the only month they (the old-timers around here) haven’t seen snow in Wistucky.

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