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Birthday Beauty for Carolyn

  • Blessings to this house and all who pass through.

Happy birthday, sweetheart!

This morning, you asked your friends to look for something beautiful and post it on your Facebook wall.

I love it when you ask me (and us!) to be intentional about seeing the world. Each time it opens my eyes anew to where I am right now.

I walked up the hill to my office with my head up, my eyes wide, drinking in every color, every texture: the tattoo-swirl of the snow in the street, the sun poking her warm head above a Lake Superior cloud bank, the way the chilly air nipped at my cheeks. I saw the school bus’s bright red led flashers way down at the end of the street and just dove into that color for a moment…

I took some photos. Okay, maybe more than “some.” And I’m going to keep looking, keep being blown away today. I’m going to stay open to the world. I’m going to edit this post with all these captured moments throughout the day so I don’t overwhelm your wall with my stuff. I want to see what your friends find, too!

I love you, Carolyn.

You open me up to the world, you teach me things I don’t know, and remind me of things I do know, but have forgotten. You support me both in my windmill-tilting and my more productive efforts.

You make me a better person.

Thank you.

Superior Sunrise #18

My commute to work takes me around the shore of Chequamegon Bay on Lake Superior. Every morning for half the year, I get to see the sun rising across the water or ice.

There’s a little turn-off about three-quarters of the way to work where I can jump out of the car, walk to the edge of a short clay cliff, and bask in the sunrise.

This is what it looked like this morning.



Food Photos

Lately – call it the last few months – I’ve been getting into posting online pictures of special culinary creations from the Casa del Beest kitchens.

I got bitten by this particular bug after visiting the Smitten Kitchen and Pioneer Woman (don’t ask; it’s a long story) blogs. From there it was a pretty short journey to picking up BigDigi (gotta control the whole shmear for these shots!) and having at it. And now, it’s kind of a tiny obsession.

The only bad part of shooting my meals is when there’s something that looks and smells fabulous and I’m really hungry. Camera or fork, camera or fork? And for what it’s worth, my experience suggests it’s not wise to aim for a “both/and” solution.