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The Weekly Races

It’s time to line up –
like Matchbox cars on a bright orange track –
for this week’s races:
“Professional obligation” has the pole this morning,
followed closely by “boredom.”
Next, it’s “family,” then “illness,”
then “new ideas” alongside “shiny things.”
“House maintenance” has the inside of the back row,
and finally, there’s… oh, there he is;
Just rolling out of pit road, it’s “over-booked.”
Gentlemen, start your engines;
This is going to be a hell of a ride.


I was in a different world
just five minutes ago:
asleep, a-slumber, a slipping away
to the very edges of my brain.
Now, all yawning-mouthed and bleary-eyed,
I’m home in My Spot,
in the campfire ring of my soul,
trying to get this page to ignite.