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What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Every couple-three years, I go through months of angst about my job, my place in the world, my goals for the future. I try to look closely at where I am and where I’m going versus where I want to head.

Hey! Guess what time it is?

I hope that everyone goes through a period of self-introspection and evaluation from time-to-time. I also hope that it’s more useful and rewarding — and less confusing and discouraging — than it is for me.

I tend to get wrapped up in endless loops of “I could do this, but I don’t like that part of it, so maybe I should look at that; no, nevermind – it’s hard” and never settle on something.

I’m learning, though.

I’m learning that sometimes, maybe even most of the time, things aren’t clear, and you just have to make a choice. Do research, compare, contrast, plan, whatever; but choose.

I’m learning that by making a choice and focusing on it, I can make a lot more progress than I can by trying to make sure everything is perfect before I go anywhere.

I’m learning that the more I can focus on one thing at a time, the more ground I can cover. Yes, the world is full of amazing, beautiful things. Yes, I’m interested in understanding almost all those things. Professionally speaking, though, I need to choose. one. thing.

You’d think that with a windup like that, my closing will be a doozy.


I’m still working on making that choice.






…Just asleep at the wheel

I’ve (sorta) been in social media land lately (call it about the last year, give or take), and mostly I like it. I do have a problem, though – and this shouldn’t really surprise any of you who know me at all: 140 characters isn’t always enough space.

Of course (and also not surprisingly), it took me a while to realize that, and even a little longer to slap myself on the forehead and say, “Duh, I have a blog.” After doing some updating and spam removal, I now even have a functional blog. The real question is, as always, do I have a regularly updated blog? Time will tell.