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Or maybe not

I’m such a flip-flopper, I should run for President. A month or two back, I went to taijutsu and I was all fired up for it and all was great. I haven’t been back because I’ve been busy. The Wife’s been slowing down so as to not cause too many Braxton-Hicks contractions, which means that she’s having a harder time keeping up with The Boy. For his part, The Boy has figured out that The Wife can’t really catch him or make him comply, so he’ll occasionally just selectively ignore her when something better comes along. Say, chickens, for example.

So instead of going to taijutsu, I go back to the ranch and try to give The Wife a breather for an hour or two in the evening, and try to give The Boy a chance to either “Climb daddy’s back, please” or “Jump ceiling faster!” I like the idea of going to taijutsu, but the reality is that I don’t see me having the time to go to class for the next year or two. And that’s OK. After all, the beginning of taijutsu was farmers that were banned from having traditional weapons had to figure out creative ways to fight to protect their families and communities. Someday, I’ll most likely get back to class, but for now, I figure I’ll focus on enjoying what we’ve been fighting for over the last 900 years. I’m sure the head of the art, Ol’ Ninja Britches, would understand.