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Birthday Beauty for Carolyn

  • Blessings to this house and all who pass through.

Happy birthday, sweetheart!

This morning, you asked your friends to look for something beautiful and post it on your Facebook wall.

I love it when you ask me (and us!) to be intentional about seeing the world. Each time it opens my eyes anew to where I am right now.

I walked up the hill to my office with my head up, my eyes wide, drinking in every color, every texture: the tattoo-swirl of the snow in the street, the sun poking her warm head above a Lake Superior cloud bank, the way the chilly air nipped at my cheeks. I saw the school bus’s bright red led flashers way down at the end of the street and just dove into that color for a moment…

I took some photos. Okay, maybe more than “some.” And I’m going to keep looking, keep being blown away today. I’m going to stay open to the world. I’m going to edit this post with all these captured moments throughout the day so I don’t overwhelm your wall with my stuff. I want to see what your friends find, too!

I love you, Carolyn.

You open me up to the world, you teach me things I don’t know, and remind me of things I do know, but have forgotten. You support me both in my windmill-tilting and my more productive efforts.

You make me a better person.

Thank you.

More friends (re)connecting

We (the collective, royal, carfull-of-we) went to breakfast at the Cat on Saturday, mostly because there wasn’t much non-eggy breakfast goodness in the house, and a little because I didn’t feel like washing stuff to cook. Oh, and also because they have some of the best (and not just ’cause it’s the only, either ;-)) vegetarian biscuits and gravy around. And who should I see, almost immediately on walking through the front door, but Chris. Cool!

We hung out for breakfast, and he unselfishly allowed The Boy to push his son’s buttons via the “Robot Sound” ™; Thanks, Chris, and sorry. We owe you one.

Then just yesterday, I got an e-mail out of the blue (OK, it was from Facebook) from the sister of my best friend from high school. That was cool, but even cooler, it led to me getting off my ass and writing said friend. And she even wrote back! W00t! Maybe Facebook isn’t the Devil’s own stationary, after all…

Huge props, muchas gracias, and *thank you!*

I’ve been long overdue with this letter of thanks to my Elmers that I sent out this morning. I’m posting it here as a reminder to you to says “thanks!” to someone who’s made a difference in your life lately.

It occurred to me this morning that I’ve been a ham for almost a year
now, and I owe almost all of that to you guys. The three of you have
been mentors, trouble shooters, a cheering section, whip-crackers, and
equipment sources for me since even before I first got licensed, and
you’ve kept that up even when I’ve been absent from the airwaves for
weeks at a time, absorbed in the rest of my life.

I want to let you three know how much I appreciate all your help and
encouragement, and to tell you that I’m the ham that I am today in
large part because of your guidance. I just hope that when it’s my
turn to mentor someone, I can do half the job you all have done with

My sincere thanks, and 73!