The Big Snip

My balls are achy, and still oozing a little blood and pus. And that’s a good thing. Sort of…

I got a vasectomy on Thursday. I tried to schedule it for Friday so I’d only have to celebrate that anniversary once every four years, but no such luck. The Wife and I feel extremely lucky to have two wonderful boys, and we’re also pretty damn sure they’re all the peeps we want to bring into the world. Down the road, if we want to expand our family, we’ll look at adopting some kid(s) who needs a good home.

And that, gentle reader, is the end of today’s testicle update. Pictures tomorrow. As you were.

One thought on “The Big Snip”

  1. Yikes! Ouch! TMI! No photos please….except of the babes of course. Where the heck have you been besides the big snip?

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