An Unsatisfactory Answer

Since I’ve picked up my pen again, I’ve been toying with how and when and why to make this work public.

At first, I figured that maybe I’d just keep my scribblings to myself, but then I realized that if I have an audience, I’m more likely to work to make things *right* instead of just flinging ink across the page.

I’ve always sort of wanted to be published like a real-live author, in a book that comes whirring off the press all warm and smelling of fresh ink, something that I can tuck away on a far corner of the book case and look at and think to myself, on good days, “Hey, I made that thing.” On bad days, the damn book will mock me and make me uncertain and hesitant even to enter the room, but what the hell, you know?

And maybe I’ll still be published in a book and get to scrawl a meaningless note to someone I don’t know and will fail to recognize on the sidewalk outside the store after the signing, even though he was one of only twenty-ish people who showed up to hear me read. That’d be cool. And maybe this blog will push me toward that thing.

But I think what would be cooler – is cooler – is me sharing my work with all of you right now, for free (though you *could* send me a small donation for flour so I can bake this week’s bread). I think it’s this sort of thing, people sharing what they do with other random and anonymous people without regard for compensation, that makes the world – and especially this electronic, surreal corner of it – a little nicer to inhabit.

So I figure that until there’s a really good reason for me to not post my work out in the world, I’ll keep putting it up here for you to enjoy. If you like it enough, send the link to a friend. Or drop me a note; that’d be nice, too.

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