20061010 – Untitled 1

Please keep your head and arms
inside the ride until it comes to a complete stop
or at least slows down a little, for god’s sake.
Who do you think you are, anyway,
to crane your neck to see where we’re going,
celebrate the ride with wildly waving arms?
You’ve only been here five years;
it’s another fifteen to twenty of hard labor
before you get a corner office; a room with a view.
Until then, you be a good little bee:
copy, paste, print, send recieve, fax, brews, run, kibitz
just like I told you, and maybe
if you’ve been extra special good
and my bottom line (the one on the ledger sheet,
not the one in my pants)
could use a little tax write-off boost,
I’ll toss you a small bone,
one that’s not too rancid or maggoty,
perfect for soup: a holiday treat for the whole family.
And then we’ll toast, me with champagne,
and you with tap water, if you dare,
to a job well done, to success,
to a wild, thrilling ride that didn’t
kill too many little people.

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