Divest Now

The coin of this realm
sneaks past in the night,
leaps at our backs
from the dark edges of the sunset.
It slips through our fingers
like a cat through tall grass,
barely making a ripple.
But sometimes, when we’re paddling
downstream and downwind,
it stays with us for a time,
never for long, lurking
in shadow-stippled crannies of mind,
or dancing, spinning, glittering
in the full, brilliant sunlight of
the dark green woods.
She looks at me,
love lighting all, and says
Spend it all, darling,
every last Kroner.
But this ephemeral coin,
lapping at me like a gentle breeze
in the tornado of my day,
is no good for bread.
I look back, I want
love to stream forth, but
caution builds a mighty dam.
Save your coins, my sweet,
I urge, giving my Unmaker voice,
and someday, when all is right,
we’ll spend our wealth
on happy, shiny trinkets.
She looks again, frustrated, red
hurt sifting slowly through her waters;
Can’t you see?
I am rich today.

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